Using numerical simulation to improve laser shock peening (LSP) treatment of a cutting edge and, ultimately, improve the cutting edge lifespan.

Mathematical tools for reducing noise of the machines, predicting life of the structures, effective cooling and ventilation, defrosting windshield.

Structurally efficient, lightweight, application-specific design of internal structure of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) beams.

Providing optimization algorithms for headlamps adjustment.

Improving image reconstruction in 3D cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM) for molecular and nano-scale imaging.

Modelling of thermo-hydro-mechanical processes in geological environment.

Developing more efficient and robust algorithms for the company’s new synthesis process for automatic transmission structures.

Improving the float glass process for manufacturing of the flat glass.

An optimization tool for designing  Kaplan and Francis turbines.

Avoiding vibrations of high flow rate industrial pumping system.

Modelling underground flow and transport of dissolved uranium in Northern Bohemia.

Prediction of security of concrete containments which contain nuclear reactors.